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trusted members of the association of serviced apartment providers

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As respected members of the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP), esa abides by an agreed code of conduct, maintaining a consistently high standard of service and accommodation for all guests. The Association was founded in 2002 and now represents the leading serviced apartment operators in the UK and Ireland, with members offering over 13,000 properties. The mission of the Association is to bring together the best serviced apartment providers so visitors can book high quality accommodation with confidence.

Promoting good practice and improved standards in every area of serviced apartment provision is a key aspect of the work of the ASAP. This video has been created by the ASAP to highlight the many benefits of using serviced apartments, showcasing some of the best features and reasons to consider this superior accommodation choice.

main aims of the association:

  • establish a set of standards for serviced apartments and their operators in the UK
  • monitor and audit the performance of its members
  • promote corporate housing and serviced apartments to both corporate accommodation buyers and agents directly and via ARP members (Association of Relocation Professionals)
  • establish, promote and maintain an acceptable code of conduct for all providers of serviced accommodation
  • attract membership amongst all serviced apartment providers
  • raise awareness of serviced apartments, as the preferred choice of the business traveller for stays in the UK of greater than 5 nights
  • promote and encourage travellers and travel buyers to work with member companies for their own security, in the knowledge that our members are committed to assessable quality

overview of the ASAP

The ASAP is a pro-active group of more than 71 serviced apartment operators throughout the UK. Membership has grown rapidly in 2012/13 in line with the expansion of the serviced apartment sector overall. Members range from large international companies to small independent operators and the ASAP represents the full cross-section of the industry in the UK.

Most members play a very active part in the association and attend a general meeting 5 times a year. Other activities include steering committee meetings which are attended by the Chairman and 6 members who have been voted in, who meet several times each year to discuss specific challenges raised and the future strategy of the ASAP. The ASAP has a close relationship with the Association of Relocation Professionals (ARP) and one of our members sits on the ARP committee to ensure the 2 associations maintain an active dialogue.

code of conduct

In order for esa and other providers to become members of the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers, it is necessary for the officers of each company to sign up to the . A summary of the main points are listed below:

  • to accurately represent properties in all domains
  • to provide information to enable any client to communicate with the association to provide feedback on their experience of the member company
  • to ensure that wherever their properties are represented, it is clear that they are the owner/operator
  • to partake in a quality program to ensure the continual maintenance and improvement of the service that they provide
  • to do all they can to promote the Serviced Apartment Industry through education

benefits for everybody

At a time when the corporate travel buyer is seeking quality, value and flexibility, the ASAP represents a group of like-minded serviced apartment providers committed to providing a professional service to those needing temporary corporate accommodation.

global associations

It is the intention of the ASAP to forge links with serviced apartment providers worldwide through their respective association and in that vein. The ASAP is now partnered with The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) in the US. The two bodies look to work together to ensure that guests travelling between the two countries always receive a better service than they are expecting.

experience the quality of an esa apartment

Interested in finding out more? The ASAP brochure provides further information about the criteria and standards which providers need to achieve in order to become members of the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers.

Contact us to discover more about esa’s high quality serviced apartments and the exceptional service we offer our guests. Ready to book? Take a look at the locations we offer throughout the South of England and make an enquiry today.

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